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jection t.vpe. The adductors of the thighs are in n
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joints carefully with the white of egg, fill the mould with rice
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where there were no cases of tuberculosis, losis for which he should constantly be on
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The urine of the general paralytic presents no constant abnormal
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aiies k piix r6(luits. Etiiblisseiiieuts lecoiniiis
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may exist without actual Consumption being present — that is, they are harmless in their quies-
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Leeches baked to powder and mixed with brandy " cause hair to grow,
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has speedily followed the repelled bubo, and even the original
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it would be a great boon both to the practitioner and patient, if in the new
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general practice has long needed. It is truly the practitioner' s gynecology — planned
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As matters stand at present the situation may be regarded
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were contented with eighteenpence per case of successful
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ing about 50 // in diameter, but was actively luotil*^ and otherwise
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well is situated in a large natural ditch, as shown in the photograph. The
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ever, in one family. It is certain that the progeny of a healthy person
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tial iatrogenic harm. With controlled drugs, in particular, it
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longer be a real focus. Light rays falling on a spherically
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time as it becomes loosened. This is usually all the treatment that
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is more at home with the scalpel or aneurism needle than he is with
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pletely in the self-preservatory effort, had not its disruption at another part
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reason of the circumstances that favored my discovery of
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•whence a constant supply of reliable vaccine lymph can
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necessity enforce it, fit the rest to it; for it is a secret both in
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Shewing the Numbers admitted, and the Mortality during each Year :
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Dept. Platte to Dept. Mo., for duty in the field. S. O. 249,
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parts, having thick, dark-colored, retorted lips, and
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within body, one without, said to be due to imperfect oxidation, the

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