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- During the years 1843-46 causes of death were not distinguished in the

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and leucorrhcea, but these had never even been asked after.

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effusion is into the cortical substance of the cerebrum ; these are gen-

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(4) The suitability of cases of " advanced phthisis '" can

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Even though the therapy of rumination is very scant,

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a mortality of only 44, or 16.4 per cent., the rate

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tumor which had been observed on the side of the oesophagus had,

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from the first day of December, 1898 ; and biennially there-

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Table No. XIII. — Lacerated Perineums showing Morbidity.

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Glogau; in the prisons of Norwich, Bodmin, Winchester, and Lewes

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tion of the tumor, or excision, with a surrounding zone of breast tissue

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the external integument, on various parts ot its surface, or in its

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had my life endangered. But it is also injurious to the insane

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five to six times during one day, and constipated the next.

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curriculum would, when these cases were correlated, have

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There is the atrophic palsy and the presence of tenderness along the nerve

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bone. The ends are drawn from within the joint out-

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James Cooper bequeathed §60,000 as a fund to establish in the


aminations — lodge practice — the maintenance of a medical library

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confidently expected that it will be an enjoyable and profitable meeting and

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the administration of salicylates, alkalies, opiates, etc.

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which depends upon the fact that the only escaj^e for fluid in the lateral

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being <»nitted in the text, the intention being to give the more didactic portion

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domen and find the appendix gangrenous, have we an appendi-

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which was accompanied by marked dyspnoea, headache,

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Actions. Antiminth (pyrantel pamoate) has demonstrated anthelmintic ac-

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exacerbation of the disease, when it might well be inferred

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torly-lwo she had a painful swelling at the tenacious mucous. It is therefore very

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right and left, a suture is introduced, uniting the edges (Fig. 5 a

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justifies the request for the generous support of all those who may be interested

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its Weekly Form, the Proprietors embrace the opportunity of returning their thanks to the Profession for

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literature, but reveals plainly that they owe their origin directly

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alcoholica. jSTdrsk Mag. f. La;gevidensk., Christiania,

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first day. On the second night a coal-tar preparation,

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tion of the hip-joint showing an immense accumulation

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the Colleges of Physicians of London, of Edinburgh, and of

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are the frequent confequences. Recourfe mult again be had to

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teract its deleterious effects on the system. I am induced, therefore,

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coarse, sandy soil for a depth of about two inches and then becomes a

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