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lieve this arises largely from force of habit and from
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When we think of the small quantity that can be in-
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acter with those which have affected nearly the entire class of infectious
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Dr. N. Allen Heaton, Washington, D. C, writes "S. & D's aseptic syringe has
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phthalein for litmus as an indicator. The main advantage of the use
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common in those fevers with a rapid onset, particularly in croupous
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placed in the hands of the profession, particularly in those
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continuing improvement of peer review; more thoroughly
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distance of about an inch produced violent coughing,
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as met in hospitals, occurs under three very distressing forms, according as it
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June. There was then a fall to 225 during the first week of July, and
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carbolized catgut, and the dressings were strictly according to Lister's plan.
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special care, that they may develop to their maximum, and also
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Mary Narraway, 45 years of age, was first admitted into
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three or four times daily. A warm poultice or the water dressing sliould be
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of neuroglia fibers seen in longitudinal view, but which appear to end in the
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was always more definitely positive and therefore easier to read
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a tradesman now living in my neighborhood, who from October,
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As in epilepsy, these fits frequently start in a definite spot and
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has gone; the appetite returns and often becomes excessive; in women
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treatment for the primary condition has been carried out, the physio-
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slight notice. The pain becoming more severe al)out
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through deranged digestion, may arise the first exudation
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were not at this time apparently suffering from scrofula or any other disease.
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leading the writer to declare "that where this method of treatment is
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turned in its place, and having placed a slip of iodo-
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fatally either by a sloughing glandular carcinoma of the cervico-
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strictly observed, the reason doubtless being that the disease then began to
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ready for table. Serve.with a sprig of holly stuck on the
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1883. — Clouston. Clinical Lectures on Mental Diseases. (Last edition 1896.)
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Eclampsia — 441 ; and immediate delivery, 165 ; blind-
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Examination to show to which class of practicians, graduate or

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