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nemius. The wound healed, with evidence of separation
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sacrificial victims, and a sneeze gave forth its good
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the sugar will be spoken of later. To 40 c.c. of the filtered,
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operation was abandoned from the difficulty of main-
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affected, to teach all the inmates the importance of apply-
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the character required. Men would not be available,
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tially due to altitude ; but in Colorado Springs our
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-f InryvinHu to burst forth. J An excessive flow of
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10. As the kidneys excrete sugar there is a tendency for the
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good resource is your certified regional Poison Control Center. Telephone numbers
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an operation on the hepatic tissues, as it is liable to be fol-
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region being thus encroached upon. This might in a degree
which is simply a more advanced degree of the former, with
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and pathological data of all the cases reported in the literature
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Cold affusions, the cold douche to the head, and the shower-bath are
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might give rise, — for these, the mercurial may be employed pre-
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arresting haemorrhage. At first the open artery was plugged
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steamers have been plying between the ports referred
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was ordered to be used as a collyrium night and morning,
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of the same side. The rupture was of some years duration,
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make a circle around the cornea, taking care not to deposit too much
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eggs in the folds of the clothing; these hatch in three to four days and

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