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motives in what I may say of either. The latter I have frequently heard of
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tudinal ramus : in young subjects it may part at the symphysis.
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Dacryocystitis Aggravans, Resembling Tumor of Face. —
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whom I have no reason to suspect the dis- Two years ago I saw in the country a
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and a label indicating the dosage and the time fixed to the clothing.
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bed. During the following three months he gained fifteen to twen-
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the thermometer stands at 85° or 80"^, or even 60°, if well borne. The
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ure to gonorrheal infection. Apparently, the uterus
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complained of. I consider that this method is well adapted for
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unusual interest. The patient, a highly respectable man, aged
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and prove difficult to control. Bile is usually present in the
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hemorrhage following miscarriage. He likes to combine the two alkaloids,
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of different forms of dust {vide Pneumonokoniosis). (2) Delafield describes
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not been much used, at least in the army. I saw eleven ca^es
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than this case. The impairment of vision was the im-
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pustules amongst the inhabitants of the village of Condroz, which
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The Society then listened to a paper, by Dr. L. C. Gray, entitled: "A Case of
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one gentleman who had come from the city of Chicago with a very
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proportion to the osseous changes, and for this reason is liable to be mis-
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cent. It would appear that with a family history of acute rheumatism
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developed seldom existing alone the diagnosis is facilitat-
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arrest of the respiration, and acute carbonic-add poisoning, from ex-
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than by treatment, was never more keenly appreciated.
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never exceeds one-eighth, and is almost always h'ss than that. This
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What is remittent fever? Indian M. Eec, Calcutta, 1895
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hurt the patient. He had tried to make it clear that one of his objects was to
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might be avoided by any means that can be invoked after
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