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that the use of nitrate of silver is to be condemned
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prraph from Todd and Bowman's Physiological Anatomy : "The study of
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Antivenene. — The last application of the serum therapy is in the use
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secondarily. Every part of the organ where vascular
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plorable in view of the fact that, of all the risks that the
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the normal developmental series in the stomach (PI. 43,
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cent.), first a high (40 per cent.), then a low (10 per cent.), percentage of lymphocytes,
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from venous blood principally, and we find that it is formed
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into sinuses, the structure is that of a lymphatic gland. The essential difference
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Prior to the above date, M. Gruby published an account in
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organ of the body in tlie sense that the liver or spleen consti-
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though the field of inquiry be boundless, and its interest
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origin. 2. Narrowing or obliteration of the orifices or of the lumen of the
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cago Surgical Society. A summary of surgical progress keeps read-
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go to Oneida county, and the east to Oconto, and to have them regard them-
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fested very plainly the action of the serum in retarding the vaccina-
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are attacked. And its symptoms must vary, Just as the functions of the
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frontal sinus. Guy's Hosp. Rep. 1893, Loud., 1894, 1, 43-
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would appear to be a good business. I have often been
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15 feet in height from the floor to the ceiling, and 7 feet in length
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contains them ; but when, in the gall-bladder, the simultaneons develop-
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As to the results obtained, he continued, out of ninety-
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below normal. The total duration of this depression was thirty
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minute mushroom-like or polypoid mass. In other places pro-
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strated in several fields, many will show one or more in a single field,
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the blood with waste products beyond the accumulation resulting from
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from (ho operation. Among tho eleven cases in which he had
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displacement of the eyeball; their operation from the
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Jaundice is hence one of the most frequent consequences of bilious
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blood which may be lodging there, but here the fluid was uni-

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