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Streptococcus elsewhere. This may be due to the fact that the
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February 9th. Barley gruel changed for rice water, one ounce every
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the soil. By and by all the harmful microbes of the
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After incising an empyema, he cautions the surgeon always to
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only a short time has elapsed since the presentation of this paper
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nificance clinically, and next to syphilis is a contributory
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with the thyroid, and one then need not administer as much
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by hydragogue purgatives, or by diuretics. Since, however, most diuretics
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tion of the two sets of glands. By the prolonged ex-
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known harmful side effects. Plus, MRI is cost-effective and ~||k
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be regarded as infected with tuberculosis. As a general rule the more
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abdominal wall fails, the intestines become distended with gas. The
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to come in contact with the fluids, no change resulted;
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the larvs, is due to the presence of some specific metamorphosis-
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The Editorial Director is responsible for Editorials. In Editorials, the views
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Contraction of the foot always succeeds navicular disease, and
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;sociation of the disease to milk distribution was such as to make it
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lished several years ago, that these injuries of the
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2. Horse-pox. — Next to glanders, horse-pox has probably been
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to the affected extremity, warm clothing, purgatives, and at the
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The Automatic Scanner Walter E. Tolies, Mineola, N. Y.
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more, Md., to New Orleans, La., for duty. November 1,
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ing statement of cases and deaths reported during the two
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two days the dosage was reduced to 30 units per day.
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In the report to the London Clinical Society, previously referred
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and expressed a belief that it was a form of practice well worthy of renewed
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tially collapsed lung confined by the investing false membrane,
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they do occur they are irresistible, attended with considerable
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just as well to take off the pectoralis muscle down to the ribs, taking

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