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When typhoid fever assumes a severe type, the success of the physician
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to know that the prognosis of pruritus is generally serious, sometimes
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duction of the sutures. The most ingenious of these,
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tions in weight, was as good as that of other animals
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showed eleven cases of dermatitis which had attacked
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elimination promoted by a free exhibition of alkalies and neutral salts.
obagi professional c serum 15 or 20
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tissue proliferation. This can usually be traced in from the
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in nearly all of the neuritis cases, delirium was a prominent feature
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The Bureau of Prisons estimates that the average cost of
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In the cases of pnjeumonia, a little over one-third, or one in 3.18, or 31.35 per cent.
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than with the former. For the spinocellular or squa-
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dition of this patient is as great as the remarkable im-
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nnd Uvealsark(uii. Klin. Moiiatsbl. f. Augenh., Stuttg.,
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?loyed for a minute or two at a time, suspending it when faintness threatened,
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condemns its use. He has not found it to relieve violent delirium, nor to be
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region by the ligamenta subflava, care must be taken to avoid in-
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found in the nose than that found in the conjunctiva,
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which the vermicular motion of the intestines arises, is seen
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content of the plasma. The plasma is then saturated with carbon
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had been neither extensive nor promising. He described the
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14. Sponges should not be used at all at the dressing station,
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Amcr. Journ. of Med. Sciences, I^ov. 1892. — 10. Duuet. Trauvuitismes ctrebraiu;
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Epileptic ; 33, Harley Street, Cavendish Square, W.
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obtained from the use of natural gastric juice of pigs in various diseases
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the former case, the tumefaction usually becomes enormous, extending
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into my trunk, by my wife, in place of an empty bottle ; — she not
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which rested on the vertebrae, was entirely absorbed ;
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provement following gastrectomy is very striking, and is due not
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teeth could not be separated ; thcH"e were inability of swallowing, hurried
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the subarachnoid space, thence, via the " foramen of
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dilion, while the doctors were absent, a Thomsonian was sent for.
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pofterity. " Ouicquid ex illo amavimus, quicqutd mirati fumus,

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