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path's long suit is his anatomy. Why should he know any more

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rhage, toxic amblyopia, retinal detachment, hearing

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even may effect the human system poisonously. We have ourselves

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came unconscious, fell to the lloor, and was found to

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author gave a practical demonstration of his method of treating,

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in one two years, and in the other sixteen months, had passed without

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773). Chronic progressive ophthalmoplegia is in many cases of syphilitic

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and proceeded to a certain point. And, again, there are cases

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attention of the thoughtful to the great significance of the influence of the

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And with this shadow comes a foretaste of winter — after

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not seem to lessen the chances of subsequent relief by tracheotomy, except

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The Wassermann continued negative until February 28, when it

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While under observation from time to time tests for tuberculosis

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I of the testicle may be replaced by inflammation of the parotid ; eiyslpelatous inflammation of the

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pupils, both slightly contracted— can not see to read, the letters are

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Weber also reports the case of a boy, 18 years of age, who,

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portance of bodily cleanliness in the preservation of

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paust assume that uric acid is converted into still other bodies.

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perate cases, but many patients T\dth slight cyanosis, especially of the

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1 to 500, but a third strip, aside from missing two or three contractions on

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were members of the Koyal Infirmary staff. When the Hos-

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" These plates are taken from the justly celebrated work of Lizars,

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the left side and downwards within an inch of the umbilicus ; its

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Account must be taken, at the outset, of the difficulties surround-

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different from those which result from ordinary doses. The quantity of strychnia

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ful investigation the negative proof of the absence of every other

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plete ; however, the conclusion naturally was, that if amputation were' to be

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trates what we all know, that the constitutional symptoms of local injury

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incurred by using them." — The Medical and Surgical

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