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4) Fremy, Ann. d. Pharm. (Liebig), 1839, 31, 188-190.

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assured. As in all surgical procedures, the safety of any operation depends

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its duration, by the patient's strength, and by the ex-

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to Stop immediately. Before the leeches arrived I had drawn

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and careful diagnosis, that party may have died of some incur-

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Quinine should not be discontinued, however, in the mildest cases, even

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the left, and in one the right arm alone, in two the right arm and both

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how essential it is that that system should be adopted for

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that this sum should include an examination of and a report on a daily

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organism that he had found in malarial blood. In experimenting with

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performance of an operation. Spillmann^ has also called attention to the

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may be as much as four or six ounces ; in others, particularly 'viiieQ

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nothing more in the patlmlogy of the condition than that, how

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with severe chorea is often one of mania. She may be continually shouting,

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grade or class to which the supply belongs. The dairy farm shall be

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and complained less, it would have been better. However,

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sternal region, and below the clavicles, rosy spots irregularly rounded,

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with weak pulse, dilated pupils, and feeble respiration.

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doubt and be put upon a rigid anti-epileptic treatment by means

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B occurred in children aged <5 years; in comparison, in

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Tluit Uie pajTuent for attandnncc and medioiue by each member of a

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and simple ; the old barbarism freed by democracy. It

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or adhesion, and such conditions predispose to subsequent reinfection.

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not readily comparable and that the numbers increase as the mortality

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parishes, so that, from 1868, in some rural parishes,

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not, when we rememl>er that there is no cap to catch

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ration in the London Hospital, in March last, on a woman about forty years of

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tumor can usually be excluded, as the changes in question always

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child stops for a moment at its play and fixes its eyes upon some object,

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rough; it requires several efforts to thrust it beyond the teeth;

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