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Will it draw us away from homoeopathy if the course I have

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Cervical adenitis is frequent and in a certain proportion ends in suppu-

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decomposition. 6. In close or muggy weather, or if the humidity is high,

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8 show the marked effect of digipuratum on the pulse-rate. Case 5 is

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condition of the valves may produce certain malformations of

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Pratt, Jr., of Elmira, descril^d a case, and said it was

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the skin is not one of the tissues of the body. His ex-

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there, the eruption became more general, spreading over both

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of the stomach and bronchi, and more serious still, peripheral

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electrics, his mode of discovery being as simple as it was effective.

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Javaiiiciix), and in the meminna chevrotain [moachits i,iemiiiiia)^

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Buch as sixty drops of laudanum with an ounce of brandy. The first danger

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in part under the form of granules or fragments which may be found

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iron every two, three, or four hours, and have conjoined a few drops

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one as another is attacked. It has a tendency to affect the larger

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tal distress and conceal their infirmities so long as pos-

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in the form of circumscribed cyanosis involving the face

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found extending down from the cortex to the papillae.

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but the reader can readily imagine a resemblance to a certain

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has been good, and his growth and dentition normal.

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its cause. Crile’s pioneer work in the early part

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would follow to the other ; but the process could not be continued long

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2. The knife is then passed through under the left hand, at the

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Text and Illustrations. Octavo, 868 pages, 184 engraving and 33 plates.

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viation, while on the bony portions he employs his bayonet-like

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the free surface of the dura mater, and especially if pus escape into the

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condition can be had by estimating the total solids in the

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Indeed it differs in no respect from a rather widespread or disseminated

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Professor Shattock for the purpose of this demonstration. The

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aggravation of the disorder ; while if it be in puerperal convulsions in

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fore legs developed. The respiration became disturbed be-

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not removable by washing ; no embolus was found in any of the arteries

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studied its life history, studied methods by which it gained

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"The Use of Pyoktanin in the Treatment of Cystitis" {N. Y.

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and scybala will be got rid of, that occasions surprise to them-

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infectious agents with which it has been inoculated. Events usually

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