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I examined her ankles, which I found to be slightly (Edematous;
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will serve to explain in a great measure the almost proverbial uncertainty
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qaaUfications which mark, and indeed form the character
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Bentley, Edwin, "_Major and Surgeon. Granted two months'
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immemorial, and are governed by the same general causes and'.
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Crediton Union*— Mr. John H. Tuke has resigned the Shobrooke Dis-
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such as I have described and others who come into our hands with less
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to introduce an ordinary rectum bougie would have been out
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congealed by the intense frost every night, pressed hard on the rose trees,
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the sole of the foot. In explanation of the phenomena
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swelling of the conjunctiva and lids of the eye accompa-
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regard to the management of cases of the kind, preventive rules of course
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lemons, and Tr. ferri muriat., 5 ss. every four hours.
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of five grains, may be intimately mixed with a scruple of bicar-
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ca, — author of a standard work on female surgery, — a monument
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mainly in the suddenness of its access and the rapidity of its progress, but
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In cancer of the lesser curvature there is usually but little emaciation
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above described. The probable nature of the disease will be referred
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about 200 c. c. They must be clean and absolutely dry. The samplerit,
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Hospital. He was one of the founders of tiie Ameri-
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cephalic skull receives slight confirmation, the cerebral
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nephrotomy performed for stone the patient was given
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McIntosh, W. p.. Surgeon — To proceed to Stonington, Me., for special temporary duty.
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4. All types of vertigo, no matter how induced, are made less and
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possible to keep the patient in bed, as the morbid introspection renders
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CO-^OSCOl-C>»0 — ^'-•tOlCOTft"- — -*X03»
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the acute; existing ten times, out of twelve. The inflammation
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micro-organism is exceedingly sensitive to the stimulus of
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intervening air-containing vesicular structure, especially when there is
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Ambrose Abel, Leipzig. — A. Kriiche, " Specielle Chirurgie. (6J/.)
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bowels and omentum forcibly protruded, whilst the sac was
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tannic acid; antiseptic solutions are employed in like manner, a 2 per c«it.
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Ileart-Disease, The Stimulant Effect of Dij,'italis in, , . , 423
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is not yet preventable, its early detection through
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" malarial pneumonia," and while we cannot help suspecting — if
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which irritates the bowel, possibly perforating it ; then the BacUlvs
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formities, are by most physicians engaged in general

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