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Tlie measures of treatment indicated in cases of chronic myelitis are rest,

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different periods during the last fifty years, July, 1854. Rejiort of a

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were drawn were differentiated with reference to the neuroglia fibers and the

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severe pain ; rectal and vesical paralysis. Removal of fragments :

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number 2 died. Of the 62 patients, 11 died, and in nearly all death

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one of this sort, holding about % ounce, for years, and find it sufficient

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half drachm; cocoa butter, three drachms; castor-oil,

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tion of the lung. This point I have studied so care-

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may be diarrhoea or constipation ; in both there may

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special invitation a paper on The Relation of Physicians to Vital Statistics

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it imperfectly ; and Prof. Brouardel's investigations during several years past lead

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is also not uncommon, aud albuminuria appears in an amount

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often ovaritis, para- and peri metritic deposits. In all

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Mix. The dose is from one teaspoonful to a tablespoonful, accord-

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use of ether or chloroform may ease both the patient

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ed the opinions of both these eminent men. He admits that

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hysterectomy, that the disease was not present at the time of the first

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suffered such distress and agonizing pain that she could

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symptom and operation was less than four months in two, and in none

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poisoning is the administration of arsenic to j)atients sutt'ering

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ammonia estimation by setting up the apparatus for the ammonia

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not proved. The aural affections appear before the beginning of

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sibly there are at least two substances capable of giving the precipitation

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even the exclusive study of poetry or art, are not advisable. And, to

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three times a day. The patient is now under treatment, and still, April

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appear; but the corner teeth do not come for several

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when this was pushed down against it. Firm and steady pressure

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monitis," says tliat he employs it — although it is objectionable

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•mornens de la declaration des accfdcns, interrompte toute communica-

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streaks or fUrro ws (tlrix) . 8. arteries, branches

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the inner side of the styloid process of the radius and is cross-

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* It lias been objected to the words porrigophyte and mentagraphyte, introduced

does not let this fact militate against his conclusions, for the column in the tpinal marrow which

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constantly in the blood of animals affected with the disease an organ-

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tion of the tumor, or excision, with a surrounding zone of breast tissue

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and stirred it with his finger instead of a spoon, as sulphur

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AND AGNES SCROLL RUDDOCK, Contract Surgeon. Director Technical Work,

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deposits. The Benzoates of ammonia, potash, and soda,

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ment. I was nmcli perplexed and discouraged, when I received

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