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Great Northern Hospital.— Ophthalmic Surgeon. Candidates must be
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all elements of nodal architecture are active and are joined by the
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thoracic duct, together with the th<»aoic aorta,
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The speaker stated that the recognition of the early
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During the summer season, the injurious effects of dentition are chiefly
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For further development of the problem of local tissue acidosis,
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are subject. Subjective symptoms are to be admitted with circumspection,
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toms of the disease baku irhich are connected Tvith some
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from the University in 1900, and became Doctor of Philosophy
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tended loops of dog's intestine filled with liquid bulk.
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larynx, trachea, and bronchi is often due to the extension
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rigo in the order of Papulae. He describes several varieties of this
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collar-bone. This symptom is the more to be depended on, if it
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ignorant of the process. In the first weeks of their married life they
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resist undue influence. A person may be unable to make a just will,
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year for laying the foundation of public health work in North Carolina.
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breath of children in the acute stage of the disease.* With this object in
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fact he said that those '' were not matters that his school took
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Complicated xoith Douhle-jissured Palate ; Enormously Developed
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Fowler's solution given and recovery was complete in six months.
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Francis Howe Straus, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery.
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organisms were found by Park and Beebe in the healthy throats of
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been severely stung. Since then be has kept a small bottle of a
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increase of the ventricular fluid. The parasites are found in both the
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Arsenic in Fatty Degeneration of the Heart. By Herbert C
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currents are established — a peripheral of advance and a central of
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covered without an operation. As a matter of necessity
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seat of the tumor. Indeed, the tumor may, though rarely, protrude between
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alford to each member of Council the opportunity of
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in man, it must draw down the jaw or lower lip, or raise the skin
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abundant ; at first resembling newly made soft soap, more or
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Psychological Monographs. Psychological Review Co. ; Princeton,
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to the writer the criminal needs personal treatment,
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conveyed by foinites, and thus all calculations become frustrated. Disused in-
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ments, as bog spavin, wind- galls, thoroughpins and other puffy swellings

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