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coming year; no special tax to be levied, no dues collected, simply the amount which

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work which has characterized its predecessors. The vigor-

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tainly in our two cases the last seemed improbable, as nothing in

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A. E. W., female, set. 7, admitted January 16th, 1878. —

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as the suggestion of hunger itself, meals may be repeated at intervals of

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visual cues. Patients perceive the implant as enhancing

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in three drachm doses is a powerful hypnotic, and the latter

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P.M., March 21, 1883. The hernia had been out about

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doubt and be put upon a rigid anti-epileptic treatment by means

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to the contrary, the greatest discoveries in physiology

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The second case is even more interesting and remarka-

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naturally have recourse to iron in order to combat anaemia or cachexia ;

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days, while the stone was lodged in the lower part of the ure-

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expansion at the middle, the latter form being most commonly used. To

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lung. This was a stout woman too ; and, fortunately, lier

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discover the art of removing the alloying substance, and of

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powder as a stomachic and carminative in atonic indigestion

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and Catechu, both finely powdered, and sufficient ghee

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especially under the slightest excitement ; there is an increasing indispo-

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and in the forward lobes. There is this marked addition in inter-

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stances capable of neutralizing antitryptic bodies. A sufficient amount

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mental state, his dry and myxoedematous skin, dull facies, etc.

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of the poison producing uraemia and Bright's disease.

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hope to ha'-e the results ready for the forthcoming Con-

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clean and moist. Complains of a little soreness of the abdomen.

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whicli he had found anything similar to this case. .

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from the bacilli by heat, as in the manipulation for

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exact terms ; his system of analysis, deduction, reserve and suspension of

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reports two of these. In the winter of 1914 he was con-

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or four only was there no noteworthy defect revealed in their

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Healing of Arteries. When, for instance, Nature closes

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left upper lobe lingula) are essentially uninvolved.

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