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previously reported by Marie. It will be finished in the next

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inferences: 1. That inserting an instrument into the uterine

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branches of pursuit or studies. The forms, the forces, and the


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occasion no pain, and the patient may not be conscious of thcuL The

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and bronchitis which belong to the history of rubeola, and of certain distinc-

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the breast ; could move the arms a little, though there was ina-

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this artificial excitation is immediately apparent ; the blood be-

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decrease, in fact, a total disappearance of the disease

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Hudson, of Navan. He consulted me as to the treatment during con-

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merits of various preparations, it is not a disadvantage

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' devfate from its position in the animal or vegetable scale; but

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the disease by using Ross' dehemoglobinizing method (which see) . The

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Karjjliiij; with warm water undicatetl with ^^Ivctriiie,

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a river becomes, the greater will be the area over which the water

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also purgeth the defect which the Greeks hight irtrupa*

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erly treated, were not so serious as when it was the

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grr.te.« w „ f action of ""V IS LjJSf, C £ S ' "" ' " ' " Ul

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factory and were discarded. The remaining 43 cases form the basis

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the cigar, is ashes; and except the full duty of life be well done,

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and followed very closely the line of symptoms detailed by Dr. Bailey.

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ened to kill himself unless some help was proffered him. In his

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general that may be diagnosticated, but the type of fever, and often

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