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mother is liable to be exposed to the same danger again
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•/wo to Vioo» »• «•> counting fingers at from
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Symphysiotomy has been performed in women with pelves measuring as
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Orders payable to "The Canadian Journal of Medicine and Surgery,"
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Narcotising Gases and Vapours," and the general tone of the
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by postmortem examinations to be affected, partial separation which makes its exit from
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in cases of recurrence there is an increasing tendency for the number
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requires about 15 days to induce an active immunity to the disease by
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he was wofully injudicious. As to the deep coma super-
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The onset also is more gradual and the fever tends only to remit or may remain
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albumen be applied to fissured nipples after nursing, and
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had had one miscarriage, and one stillbirth ; two children had
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not due to mere mechanical carrying over into the cultures of an
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in many with change to a better air, or the return of cold weather,
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charge of the administration of the affairs of the Society.
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perienced the same inconveniences; since when, we have alto-
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Certain important relations between mental diseases, especially
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marked, although the polyphagia had in no way diminished. The patient had no fever,
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to insure the cows being clean. The udder and teats were washed
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pressure, but otherwise very little suffering from the tumour. The
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neceffary articles. Dry and irritable temperam.ents were moft
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heart, a feeble, restricted cardiac pulsation, and diminished play of the
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at an end. On the fourth, or perhaps the third day, there being little
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following instructions for the personal protection of
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forms of bacteria] disease ; well on the way to an intelli-
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protoplasm, but are more or less intimately connected "^dth it.
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indeed are not so hopeless as at first would seem. Pa-
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of whom had seen the like before. The last nodule was
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exceedingly rare. The taenia solium varies in length from four or five to
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whom the enlargement is apparently not producing symptoms, but these
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may become dangerous. There may be some sensory hallucinations to
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