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ently placed upon the library shelf as the last effort of a

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Cruz, in 1920, sixteen cases were treated with serum on or before the

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tended by Dr. Senn. Present, Drs. Senn, Meacher, Mason and Bading,

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to dissolved hemoglobin. To the naked eye it has a vitreous, glairy,

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covery progressed satisfactorily ; and at the present

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and hyaline contents ; others 20 ix in diameter, with a cytoplasm studded

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every one who has the opportunity of bringing forward facts which may throw

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the upper respiratory tract was far greater in the later cases than in

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The duration of the hyperemic eruption is short. If there be no hem-

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an absence of the radiating folds. The mucous membrane

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They may each one be regarded as a letter in nature's

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inherent difliculties connected with the Kilhan-Hirsch endo-nasal approach

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and the anomalies of its phenomena viewed as a whole.

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abundant precipitation of " pink lithates " being looked upon as

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bustion. The most active sugar destruction occurs when muscle and

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and for a long time the only places in London where the

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of his temperament, under such circumstances, he was

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Dr. F. W. Langdon, Medical Director. B. A. Williams and C. B. Rogers, Resident Physicians.

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XV, 613-618.— ITIanley (T. H.) Various fractures; simple

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undergo formal psychometric evaluation to determine whether

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tion of the blood gives little assistance. In doubtful cases, especially

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1 Vide article entitled " Experimental Researches into a new Excretory Function

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mental section of the vagus nerve showed long ago a resulting

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under the creosote treatment, yet in so many cases the favorable changes

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Typhoid Fever and Water Analysis.- -Serious epidemics and out-

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and very broad, and so are the crura, the optic tracts, the pons, and all the

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In Committee of the Whole — Dr. Peaslee, Chairman ; Dr.

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rican readers, and the fact that they are l)oth expo-

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tion for Germany in epidemics of this disease, and notes

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