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community. Fever is not an uncommon occurrence among the
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The patient died some weeks later, and the autopsy gave the following results : The
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Escherich: "Aetiol. und Pathogeneses der epidem. Dip.," Wien, 1894.
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himself, is subjoined. Mr Burnett says, in a statement with
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those of the lungs and brain, are generally associated with
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hysterical apoplexy upon the absence of the ordinary
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simulate a pidsating empyema or an aneurism. From pulsating empyema
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100°; pulse. 102; respirations, 26. Bowels moved 6 times. Just
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At the time this young man was admitted into the hospital
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extending almost to the median line of the fourth ventricle, and
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of 19, a slight attack of influenza ; for some months before the
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aphasia, there is also some disability of the visual word centre, so that the
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a half feet long, as the specimen will show, since it completely covered the
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may 1x3 affected either separately or with different degrees of predommanoe.
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ingly. He first makes the violent assumption, that Hahnemann did not
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upon the value or worthlessness of medicines ; for it is alto-
tance of the part played by mechanics in respiration, in the
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in the so-called primary stage, is an exceedingly important one. We have
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influence of prolonged Ovulen or Demulen therapy on pituitary, ovarian, adrenal,
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(as in the instrument of Luys and Cathelin), in the other to elevate the
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as a whole, shared in the prejudice, and joined with unction in
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average it is safe to say that he does not respond as quickly as he
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or more fresh attacks himself. They are fre(|uentiy isohitcd from the
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this great man, had the power conferred upon us of coping with a large
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Berlin, that he has found the prostate diseased as early as the eighth
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which were complicated by diphtheria), or even to 34 per cent, (epidemic
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myself with relating two cases, formerly under the care of Dr. Christison,
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drug in pregnancy, lactation, or in women of childbearing age
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Reflex irritation is a powerful exciting cause of palpitation, and the
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carried on concurrently with it. The most influential factor is
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Richard D. Sautter, MD, Marshfield, 1990/1994-1995,

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