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B.G.Babington,M.D.,F.R.S., President, in the Chair.
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Sir A. J. Cockburn, presided at the distribution of prizes
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the following. From thf. abdominal aorta there passed
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cease to talk of them, and at once turn our attention to
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Infirmary for Diseases of the Leg, 104; Liverpool Eoyal,
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by the application of atropine or belladonna to the eye
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rapidity, but will not exercise the thinking faculties.
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Wednesday, Obstetrical Society of London, 8 p.m. Mr. J, Mar-
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spinal cord above, and with the leg below, when the
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to be solved, then, is how best to aid the weakened
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of beer, being very hot; and he went ho'me and drank a
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the head. Dr. Halford's treatment and management of
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ascertained that the salmon and tiout both deposited
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right side was covered by a sticky secretion of yellowish
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that from continued fever during the twelve months —
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lapsus of Uterus"; Dx-. Mai'tyn, " Case of Face Presentation,
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creased and perpetuated if the General Council, ignor-
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vant had poisoned herself by swallowing a large quan-
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would be indeed disgraceful to our profession if sur-
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in Bath on the last occasion of his being President, in
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contained in your letter to me of the loth inst., 1 have no reply to
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having revived her a little with minute quantities of
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meningitis. On the other hand, the latter disease is
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secured in this climate, this child would probably not
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" Dr. Sutherland remarked that for the miserable fee
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carbonate of lime unite, coalesce, or become aggre-
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Entozoaires." By V.'. ABBOTTS SMITH, M.D., M.R.C.P.Lond.,
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an assistant-surgeon. Mr. Walter Rivington is, we un-
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5"8 per cent, in the former, and as much as 14"8 per
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pine solution ( two grains to an ounce) at 12.7 p.m. At 12.30,
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tally bifid bladder, 71; discharged in fragments. Dr.
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By J. C. Wordsworth, F.R.C.S., Surgeon to the Eoyal
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Royal College", as the preamble of the charter itself
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The Act did not compel medical men to register, but in-
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hladdei", but the patient in a few months become preg-
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nine, as well as cinchonidine and cinchonine, and the
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prescribed rest and the remedies usual in such cases,

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