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that its power as a nervous calmative was due. as Bartholow says, to its special
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both hands of the operator free. Several of this kind are
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agar, and the growth washed off and suspended in the
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which in the different diseases localizes itself in the different tissues. The
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The operation of castration for hypertrophied prostate
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the mother of two children, was in her eighth month of pregnancy ; the
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moreover, conclude that this is the preferable method from obser-
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of observing this lesion, were already suffering from
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doubt propose that the Council should have the power of
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I have not been able to discover that the fact that belladonna is available for
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disturbed; corroborates and revives all the noble faculties of
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Acute bronchitis is a tlisease of the young; chronic bronchitis a disease
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coming year; no special tax to be levied, no dues collected, simply the amount which
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f^everal joints, as the knees, shoulders, and wrists; which appear
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duct passing through it. In breaking up dense adhesions the liver was torn.
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On 16th June thjToid extract (5 grains twice daily, increased to
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tions concerning their home, their former associates, their regiments,
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Surgeon to the Methodist Hospital, Philadelphia, Consulting Surgeon to the
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quantity to act as a practical antigen. And living tissues are superior
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he was a great favourite) took him in their arms and carried him
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