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voluminous, and the expense of publishing them, increases correspond-

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As to the time for colotomy, or colostomy, surgeons differ.

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elimination of the blue and that of the iodide of potassium. Widal and

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of the urine ranged, over a period of five months for the different

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of sugar on clean, dry lemons, till the yellow rind is taken up

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(3) swollen congested kidneys. In addition, there will generally

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£o£ slight cuts or lacerations. Owing to the inflamed state of the , p a . <

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larger scale if you watch the carbuncles that come to us

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study more complete, if the origin and development of the extrinsic or

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sidered if everything is surgically favourable for their successful

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our young graduates begin their theses, with the definition of

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to be exclusively confined to its general abstraction ; for the lo-

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other or one may weaken the action of the other. Arecoline and

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fiom a very few observations. In one such case I found the exudation

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of the nation is about finished. Standard- ^ \^^^ J 1^„^^. ^^^^^^ -^ the value

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the urinary secretion, so frequent in occurrence, exert a very

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rewritten for. it embodies the latest opinions on neurology.- The diseases of the

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by the incessant motions of the patient. ' The head

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time InHiMuing weaker as well as more diffused, since with expansion of the

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Tyne, whose experience when he was formerly medical expert

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from simple atrophy, inasmuch as frequently the color-field

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table that the early deaths were caused by concussion, contusion, and compres-

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patient's movement makes the abdomen fall to one side like a heavy

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liquids, the latter being frequently taken in large quantity, and perhaps,

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during childhood and infancy. It may be due, he says, to

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Citizen Award in 1968, the Sertoma Club’s Service to

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where he was inaugurated as the 143rd President of the American Medical Association.

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-De Alkali et Acido. — On Ligature of the Jugular Vein in a

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ficult and dangerous operation," performed by the very

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