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fiable to confine the operation of its causes within the

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the name Botanic share the same fate as Thomsonian, and that we

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Every point is explained with perfect satisfaction,

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He believes in having death-certificates treated as confidential

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course all sorts of measures were resorted to, but they were of no

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discriminating resort to this remedy will elicit some special indica-

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treatise, is demonstrated by the report of Galeotti (9), wherein Hunter, Weber,

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letting, in the treatment of disease, were as sound

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dynia, and it exists, of course, in pneumonitis. The diagnosis is to be based on

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hypochondriac regions, which commenced the previous day

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Moreover, we understand, from Plehn 's histories, that he per-

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March 23rd. He suffered no pain since, and was able to bear

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corresponding Tulalip word, used by Indians of Washing-

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edly in a family under his observation. Borelius of Stockholm (Nor-

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the pharynx during the act of degltUitinn itself and thus prevents the passage

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theria. The bacilli from these cultures are grown in

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has obtained from a single exposure to the concentrated

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eral noticeable features to be observed in these photographs.

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enn !i'^ (v.oiied to air becomes speedily covered with confcrvoid growths of a pe-

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about one hundred and fifty per day. One customer alone, said she,

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the lucky ones, was eight hundred and fifty pounds sterling ! — pocketed by

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tion that a placenta was left behind, it would be safe and

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Winslow's foramen. This border contains but little tissue (Glisson's

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and free from decomposition, free from the presence

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primary mortality of 30 per cent., but he thought that

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potell, ve! immediate et direile, vel indiredle et mediate. Immediate

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When said committee, with the consent of the Society, shall

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