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considered not less significant than their presence,
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er}-, and in less than two months left the hospital with
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ing and no instruments at my command. I therefore offer the means I
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a letter by Dr. Corban E. Judd, relating to an article recently
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amination is not apt to be as carefully conducted as one calling for a specific feature.
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Of places in which I have known asthmatics most free from
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8. Address befoteth# Tompkins Conoty Medical Socie-
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bacilli or secondary organisms. Alveolar abscess is rather frequent.
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each organism from - 5 /* to 0'8 p in diameter. Aerobic, facultative
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most important subjects that our more particular atten-
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Luckily the diphtheritic form is rare in this country,
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Flack Jr., B.A., D.O., William Stauffer, D.O., Clinical Assistants;
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jected. This serum has been used in cases of diphtheria on the human
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a rural preceptorship to date to permit definite con-
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refuse, which was thrown into the gutters and streets, forming in dry weather, a semi-flaid
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(\V, E.) Mountain fever, Med, Herald. St, Josepli, 189.5,
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The rainfall was .923 inch, distributed over 11 days. The
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gastric, and intestinal disturbances usually subsided
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hearing power of both ears. Examination of the ears
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hemoglobinemia in cases of so-called auto toxic enterogenous cyanosis,
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and distal portions of the bowel were then carefully cleansed of
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than is natural, and the thoracic movements are very limited,
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tious class — either directly, or indirectly by crowding the
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factory fun, no real recreation. More often than either
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The inferior broad navicular ligament was ruptured, its divided
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back the flanks bulge outwards, or swag over, from the weight
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metal, etc. Although the proportions used are not constant, the
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rid themselves of venereal diseases, and on this account some of

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