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antiseptic dressings, namely, a wad, two to four inches thick, of Lister's

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percussion strengths and the percussion of the deep cardiac dulness. The author

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culty ; the bladder having been distended to its utmost ca-

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and walking or eating or even a touch on the lower lip, would

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fully examined the lower orders of animals — among them

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twenty-eight cases ; under this head are included the ordinary circu-

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case, one cannot help concluding that pleuro-pneumonia is

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mouth into the plate or upon the patient's clothes. Other pieces collect

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are formed in the alimentary canal, and physiology teaches

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sanitary measures were referred to in her Majesty's speech, the

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visual word-centres. All I can say is that such an arrangement as I

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dition could heal spontaneously. He was not so clear

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part of the abdomen. The tumour was pyriform, about the size

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in the Graduate School of Medicine of the Ogden Graduate School of Science on the

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insanity, in Great Britain, beyond that of population, was

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words respecting a troublesome affection of^ yond the skin of the navel, which prevented

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the patient has recovered or is the result of trauma.

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needed, for he declares that " when a child with a defective

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factory showing that the disqualification has ceased.

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contain little opaque material, but often hyaline matter.

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carbonic acid in poisoning by this gas. Noxious gases are not long retained


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which we should especially disagree with the author are the

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to have recourse a third time to calomel, which was

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altered in the immediate future on lines that are the direct outcome of

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A new antiscorbutic called Am-ciiur has lately been

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observation, received a blow on the outer side of the left

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Cause of Typhoid in Philadelphia.— The members of the

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not be employed underground. Mr. Pease moved that the age

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decidedly of a gouty nature. In him the pain of the cord and testicles

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ing. Substances irritating to the mucous membrane cause the

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returned to work. Here then, Dr. Vose said, we have a

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comfortable and less uneasiness, if this apparently trivial point

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an occasion on which most of the guests present were

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attack, the vagina to a sensitive finger feels hot and dry, even

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liii.iiMmK K-.ii-) ; tlu--c iii\.iri,ihi\ -In.u ,i widcK nu--liril iim

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Kentucky; Dr. George H. Simmons, of Illinois, and Dr.

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