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plasma, also leaves the vessels. There is a normal process of lymph trans-

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and as it were drop out, leaving an opening corresponding to the size of

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vomiting out of proportion to the severity of the pain, girdle

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16 Meulengracht, Deutsche Archives f. klinische Medecin, 132, 285

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The other organs show no special or characteristic change, though

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tifically all right until the time he left Leipsic and went to Coe-

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intermediate hosts, and when they feed on a person the filarial

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a disturbance in the cord as high as the fourth or fifth thoracic

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combiuation with Schacht's solution of bismuth and infusion of calumba.

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reaction was negative. Mallory does not mention it in his book,

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they are taken up by another mosquito or die. Within the mosquito

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relatively young (5- to 18-hour) cultures should be employed. A

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b. Procedure. To 5 ml of reagent in a test tube, add 8 drops

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still suspect that there is with them a feeling of good-all-overish-

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and he it was who first gave it the name of fievre typhoide.

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from the water bath, quickly wipe off the water with a

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Several days will be required for decalcification de-

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trations, while in the photometer the optical densities

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with the relaxation of the general tension. Lucidness of mind

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suggesting that the agent of this secondary infection may be

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be 30 or 40 percent higher than the circulating blood in hemo-

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bears the name, "Julia M. Edmunds," and the date of the endowment. Within, the

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produces follicular hemorrhage, the urine is reported as

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differing little from the many similar attacks on that unfortunate

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electrocardiogram exhibited disturbances of conduction, and in

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rema'ning the usual time, did not register, being graduated only as low as 95 .

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difference between mercury columns is 20 centimeters.

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teen, had it three times in connection with as many attacks of

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Having recently received letters of inquiry from parties in-

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