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posterior cords ; Bellingeri, Calmeil, Stilling, A an Been

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series of persons by the linear formula, and enables one to obtain

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PREMARIN ' Brand of conjugated estrogens Vaginal Cream in a nonliquefying base

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of greater value than colchicine salicylate or the wine of the seeds of

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one persons had died of cholera. In fact, ships bringing

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should be done gradually, and that they should be so gi-aduated an not

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chamber. Wills Eye Hosp. Rep., Pbila., 1895, i, 19-21.—

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the secondary nerve bundles or fasciculi, which are so large that

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tZ f "f P'^"'^°& ^tt us presence there. Professor Aikin

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it removes spasm and irritation." Vol. II, pp. 300-301.


pupils dilated; the teeth are clinched tight and covered

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Partly allitera- Ic me on pippe jypbe beluce *j on jobep helbe be-

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rent volume, entitled " Pain in the Ears due to Irritation

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FoRSTER,?F. L. S. second editiony corrected and enlarged ;

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separated, and the irritation attending the use of the agent had subsided,

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procreators of the inefficient individual, save in those

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