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of the profession in any village, town or city, and falling at last into the

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in which pieces of iron that had passed into the vitreous were

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lost, advantage must be taken of the thirst, and beef tea or milk

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of the left half of the colon and a double-barreled en-

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tagion, Infection, Miasm, Virus, Venom defined — Other poisons belonging to Toxicology-

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Adeno-myoma of Round Ligament. — Cullens relates an important

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Jonathan Taft, D.D.S., at his home In Ann Arbor, October 1).

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he has observed a certain amount of drowsiness persisting

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rivers of blood from the veins of misbelieving enchanters,

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liarity of the superficial dulness, it is a good plan to accentuate the

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as a new work. Out of the 1080 pages of text, not above 150, or less than one-

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studies should a girl, who is preparing herself for them,

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it. Only one of these eight cases was fatal. Regarding the

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would strongly urge the editor of the old ' Medical Directory ' to include

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112. Some of the III Effects of Bromide of Potassium. J>r. T. O.Wood . . . 134

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cake and candy, and are given tea and coffee to drink. The

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Golgi, as president of the Medical Organizing Committee,

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and exacerbation continue for a few days, four, perhaps, or five on the

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urethra, certainly from No. 29 upward," making the remark

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mits, and no rising of the temperature takes place.

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tions to the general use of caustic in these cases, and when admitted by

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which he had seen, in not one was there wanting the evidence of

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tainly deserves commiseration for his ignorance; but on the o-

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rejected by the stomach. Food and medicine were administered

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of the affection by Dr. Hooper's practice, for to him were sent

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