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classes have been opened at the regular term. The Charite, in other

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Journal has put before the public the price we pay for legislative inaction in

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natural sequence of the high honour I have enjoyed, and I trust that in so

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It was shown that the only two real disadvantages alleged against the

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be in love with Rome, nor an infirjn head witli Venice or Pari.^. Death

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to the cardiac impulse, etc.", the word "cardial" should be "carotid".

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town. Senor Rivero has visited the place, and has ordered measures

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had retired from practice, and had been residing at East Kergholt, in

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tion, it ouglit to be put up for half-a-crown or three shillings by any tinman ;

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mainly to a movement originated by this Association. The change of

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more or less severely from attacks of scarlet fever and diphtheria. That

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another excellent friend of the Society — viz., Mr. J. Bacot, one of the

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battle of Montebello, 20th May, 1859, 800 wounded were fed entirely

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receiving the sick and wounded was most grievously felt in the early

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The first meeting for 1870-71 was held at Rochester on September

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above 70 years of age was 95 per 1,000; in 1S52, it was 55. The

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of which the machinery is still available. Dr. John Murray, the

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and healthy-looking for his age. There was an obscure history of

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The worst case of the kind which I have seen was that of Mrs. S.,

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the handles of their forceps, in the one case inwards and in the other

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wasting away, was to give forth a physiological problem of the greatest

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was delivered on November ist by Dr. Joseph Bell; Dr. Gillespie, a

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father and mother lived and slept. The third case was that of a child

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daily, except Sat., 3; Medicine, Dr. J. Cuming, daily, except Sat., 4;

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quackery would have been checked — men who called themselves sur-

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hoped for both parties, the College of Medicine had become united

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whole of their studies at recognised Foreign or Colonial Universities

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for it, and I will cling to it in adversity and in prosperity. I move as an

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in the evening, A prize of £\o from the funds of the Society is given

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abdomen), weighing respectively nine and four grains, of a more or less

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or by "compressing the affected parts, either in the direction of their

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of liquid fa'ces to-day. I dressed the wound night and morning, clean-

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Clerks and Clinical Clerks are also appointed lo take notes of cases. —

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closet ; neither could she hold anything in her left hand. On August

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