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an enormous increase in their incomes, less than it does the government

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the size of the tumour. In the cases in question the uterus was fixed, the

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ever, she sometimes perspired freely. Her j the twenty-four hours. We examined her

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carefully as possible, but I believe some deformity persisted."

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work on the subject. According to him, the dream represents

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of Catania took the euchinin for one to five months and experi-

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medicmal value of any medicine would be as gr'-at a waste of

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Infusion Digitalis. Infusion. (£j-f§ix.) — Dose, fgss.

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obvious as the patient lies quiet in bed (to which he is probably before long

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will be held in Lisbon from April 19 to 26, 1906, has written asking for the

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pended. Unfortunately one is never sure of arriving at

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although sufficiently intelligent to do so. I have known a child to scream

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group had blood alcohol levels reported in their charts.

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He believed he had himself first used paper, 1874 or 1875.

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ing the desired solution, and communicated his experiments and methods

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willow plantings have been established; beaver reloca-

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that it descends to the level of the genital organs. Their consist-

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speetly in orilert«> nvoil ri>k of causinir nausea and general pnxtration.

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The Importance of Early Operations on Gail-Stones. — By

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next chapter, should always be sought after in cases of apparent cholera.

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irritation, should read " with an umisual amount, etc."

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the |inlse resumed its proper strength and rapidity, was full

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That evening, the child tried to get out of bed and fell

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satisfactory. Nourishment, water, and cathartics were given

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Less than a score of years after, the Connecticut river valley

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adhere to the rule to admit only patients suffering from incipient

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unlimited camera privileges in the hospital, all of

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is another muscle called the splenius, which is inserted into all

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The exciting cause of the individual paroxysm is, in the great majority

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water running upon the wound the whole night to **get the rust out," and afterward put

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signs and symptoms in the diagnosis of concealed tuber-

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may arise independently of all other diseases ; again, it may

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curve follows the curve of nitrogen excretion with a very striking

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reduced to a thin and unimportant layer of maternal tissue covering the ovum, and

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cently published in the " Pharmaceutische Rundschau " some further

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and assist patients in their immediate charge to escape, so as

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