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ing home he complained of headache and fever. He went

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NOTICE.— CAUTION.— The success of Fellows' Hypophosphites has prompted unprincipled men to

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The tubes both contained pus and their walls were much thickened. The

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should include the name of the author(s), the location of

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more especially in regard to the degree of respiratory impediment

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finish his medical education ; and he prophesies that

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differential diagnosis a matter of difficulty ; but it would appear from

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still makes a difference. It can make a difference for you. For your

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breakfast. Shortly after he had taken it, a slight burning pressing pain

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tuberculosis. Undoubtedly it has obtained for itself a permanent

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various parts of the same vessel, so must the velocity dif

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watery contents are partially absorbed. You can clearly see that we

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muscular strength showed no relation between the muscular develop-

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frequently restore life to moribund patients, even after all

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per cent of incipient patients showed bacillary sputa. I wrote to every

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chloride of gold. Among those, picro-indigo was the only one

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prevent pulmonary congestion and accumulation of mucus in the

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infantile convulsions being excluded. Not less than a quarter of the cases

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and there would be no reason for the variation in the ventricular

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of the heart was concerned. Then there would have arisen a

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der by the President. After a partial reading of the minutes, the further reading

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acter of these stools ; while the coloration is due

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of the tube for half an inch in one nostril, with the closure of the other,

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changed into the insoluble form of hsematin. It thus appears, that

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with muttering delirium; confounding of words; stammering; twitching^

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grades, as to force and activity, depending on this cause.

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exclusively during the first 3 days of life. The animals often

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Velpeau a , however, throws doubt upon the accuracy of his ob-

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