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on the Part of the Nervous System and the Skin, Deutsche Sammelforschung, S.

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forming a loop below. A piece of board about one foot longer than the frac-

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Infusion Digitalis. Infusion. (£j-f§ix.) — Dose, fgss.

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difficult. Displacements of organs (visceral ptoses) are not un-

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(Dean), surgery ; J. Edwin Michael, M. D., Anatomy and

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numbers of cases in hospitals (March 27 to June 4) : {b) Number of admissions

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sen's Cyclopft>dia"— Am. Trans., Vol. XVI.. p. 701),

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Sanity and Insanity, Borderland of, Including Normal and Abnormal Man. By

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the legs and fetlocks of the mare might be confined all

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the lids, and, if blepharitis exists, can be usefully rubbed

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these required movements. Speech coordination is pro-

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by ballot, and an annual contribution of 5s. was payable,

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doses of the poison, and the cure of the animals would most probably

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in all directions. Trace of albumin. Some few casts.

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the lanes at the western side of the north main-street, and Paul-street,

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[Read before the Massachusetts Surgical and Gynecological Society ^^

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He had, he said, had no cases of his own, but he had ex-

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the months of January and February, in which occurred an unusually

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liar to pneumonitis. It is observed in other diseases. It is not, therefore,

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of the disease. Frequently the pulse shows a marked cardiac weak-

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or in Strasbourg. lie is told, " Present your foreign diploma,

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frame of mind during the past year, has kept a record of

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to mention, vix., Drs. J. C. Warren, G. Hayward, W. Ingalls, S. D. Townsend, J. Jeffries, J. V. C.

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enema. Upon examining the stones in the bottle you will find two of

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tion exist. Others, like CJilamydodon, Ervilia, Paramecium,

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orrhage in Dr. Spaulding's case, that in one instanoe,

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the lesion in the brain with an accuracy which now. though

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the living organism. It would be according to him, in the chemical action that must exist be-

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the neck and spine when congested from taking a severe cold.

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