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spiration, and thus induce predispositions to disease, are to be

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cortical substance of both brains in this body, I could scarcely refer to

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and rapidly with the knife and scissors, and with but slight

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contracted pupils, strong odor of gas in breath. Knee-

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Typhoid Fever and Water Analysis.- -Serious epidemics and out-

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This spirochaete is found in the crystalhne style of oysters. The oysters

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into the spiritual realm, and his mind was so filled with

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examine the subjects most thoroughly and fairly, the donors

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nomena in these instances, they must be explained in

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scription for dangerous drugs can be given indiscriminately. In the

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between two ligatures, and allowed to retra£}:, and, in other

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pathogenic when one loop of a 24-hour — 1 agar culture sus-

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recommend an immediate examination under anesthesia of all

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as a lawyer. His life had always been one of unrestricted activity. An exam-

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tuberculosis of both lungs, caseous peri-bronchitis, caseation of the bronchial

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the head and face, with a mark or furrow on the neck, and congestion of the

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salaries, but most of the work is free. The treatment is used

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slightly raised and to have a brownish tinge. Presently

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interested in this vision or dream, for which he had no explanation.

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titioners. He would assure those disposed to give this

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another medical editor to the north of him : " is a

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