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intemperance, improper or insufficient nourishment, or in consti-

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Age Number. Per Cent. Age. Number. Per Cent. ^q su^h ^s come f rom exposure and severe mental and

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ingly tender to pressure. The rectum was filled with a mass of hardened

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his volumes, is very mysterious and very distressing.

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in Poland. Dr. Janiszewski confirms this statement. In the Warsaw

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Speech of the Chancellor of the Exchequer is summarised on

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The working of this process has proved to be very easy and

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wall, is vascular, and contains cell structures capable of more voluminous

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way connected with the work of publication must be endorsed

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cornea, and lens in i case. In the 4 remaining cases

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similar occasions, and that is the best possible tribute to his

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■ other treatment. On the morning of the twenty-seventh, on

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cases of cystitis resulting from renal infection is greater in the male than

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length of time complete rest should be insisted upon. Much must depend

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are, ice and digitalis. An ice-bag should be applied to the prsecordial

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much study and time is required in its application. He

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(Quinidia is an alkaloid, found in some kinds of bark,

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fession ; nor need I allude to the kind and gentlemanly tone which pervades

edible slime metamucil

IV. Dr Watson also showed the bladder, rectum, and ischio-

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Koch's tuberculin. Goats answer fairly well, but the febrile

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and it is well to have the buttocks washed with a weak solution of car-

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2 majors from the 200 group of courses may be counted toward this degree.

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verses that his royal host, instead of being annoyed,

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gradually lost use of it. On reception, patient nervous; has left hemiplegia,

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at bed time, or as long as possible before breakfast, and the taking of

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make a gauze impregnated with a solution of definite percent-

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constructed portfolios unique to each customer. And, they’ve

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In April, 1833, he went to Europe, and continued his medical studies there

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capsules. Where large numbers of persons are to be treated,

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Bassett, M. D., of Huntsville. This is quite an interesting arti-

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