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promised to be of great efficacy, and that the indications
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canula easily, and washed out the bladder by an aspi-
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coffin was "well preserved, and the inscription clear arid distinct.
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that rales diminished or disappeared. Only one case
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bed for a period of ten days. When they as having demonstrated that the fixed cells
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per cent. Under the old system of using the knife or trocai-, when the
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with a rice- watery, or a bloody colored fluid, with the mucus membrane
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(^esichtes und der Stirn. Arch. f. klin. Chir., Berl., 1882-
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twisted over to one shoulder ; and another, in which the effort of speaking
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E. K. J. H. Voss, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of German Philology. —
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until very ill, and then the.cardiac inflammation already
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atoms chlorid of calcium, with one atom ofa salt of lime containing this
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the bacilli vary ; the free ends are generally rounded, whereas those
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ations at first, considering the breast was really not
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inter se are with regard to their aldehyde, compound ether,
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the curve is built. The biometrician usually deals with some such
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make no objection — so far from it, they are only too willing
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Strictly speaking, every property possessed by the individual which is
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and there is an absence of any appearance of coagulum. When thus
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maxTOW may induce epilepsy in a similar manner by gradual transmis-
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contain little opaque material, but often hyaline matter.
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places, it is not correct to assume that the presence of marshes and
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of this type, assisted by Mr. Tobin, Mr. H. Rutherford,
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tliiMU to form systiMuatic lial)its of lalxir, and at tlic
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opening the abscess immediately and employing artificial
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What then is its explanation, and how can it be avoided? It was
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as to warrant regarding it as an epidemic. In large cities it is constantly
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1 Autumnal Catarrh [Hay Fever), with Illustrative Maps. By Morrill "VVtman, M. D.,
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oil, mixed with a little spirit and olive or other mild oil,
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eountry and elsewhere, from the storage of drinking-water in leaden
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