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error of observation when spoken of as characteristic
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Case IX.— On March 10, 1899, 1 was consulted by Mr. W. B.
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The urine of the general paralytic presents no constant abnormal
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with the seventh ; but the seventh may escape, as for example in the case
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and drink plentifully of tea of cayenne pepper. The next day, found
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known patholo^rical laws heretofore noticed. An allusiun to a lew in-
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operation. The experience seems to show that as a general rule
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is to be noted that all the bacteria in the filtered water do not represent
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direction of the points of its surface increase in length from the point of
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greatly smaller than that at the other. The tumor stretched from
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have "known values" for locatable, leasable, or salable
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comes faith, because he has never been deceived by the
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Symptoms and Course. — Unlike ordinary intermittent, a par-
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Examination of the urine, no matter how carefully con-
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Italy, where practically everyone is bitten by fleas.
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Dr. E. J. Huenekens, chief of staff at Sister Elizabeth
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(W. S.) An exliibition of specimens. [Widal te^t not
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the coats is obvious. The mucosa has been cut somewhat obliquely.
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inquiry from all German clinics for the years 1888-90,
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"Zur Diagnose und Behandlung der Chronischen Arthritis urica und der Polyarthritis
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court, and said that common decency required the prac-
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the pneumococcus, but that its action in this direction is

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