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to the sacrnm, are to be wrapped in a skin smeared with wax ; this must extend to the parts

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tinal antiseptics were administered, but whether any advantage

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Active blood-serum can only be obtained from those that

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be added that under certain circumstances exudation

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know well what I say when I repeat that it is not only

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its quality, it is necessary to exercise care in selecting that

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The latest aim of physical examinations is to have them serve

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the nipple. With the establishment of respiration the lungs, which have been

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which are the orifices of perpendicular glands."' — \>. 1G5.

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itual nature of the Messiah's kingdom is uncertain ; but, in a

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state that they have had under their consideration your letter of

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In addition to these six cases, nine others showed marked improve-

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and usually presents long, narrow hemorrhagic streaks converging at

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by Pascal are not in his handwriting ; and as 51. Chasles

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tion of the varied changes which are observed in different cases of valvular

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Book-Binders' Stains, eor Leather. Black. A solution of

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piguientazioue del fondo dell' occbio. Arch, di ottal.,

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To me the germ theory is a very fascinating explanation of the

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so far been reported. Carriers are obviously reduced

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two or three severe convulsions. Head presenting. I

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as digitalis, hydrocyanic acid, and morphia; 2d. To ward

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hunger is manifested by rhythmic gastric contractions. These

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Was .'i Waiter, and an habitual tippler, and we were called upon to decide

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virulence of a micro-organism, it was not by any means as easy to increase it.

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nitrogen-retention, when associated with improvement in general

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Another, aged 36, gave biilh to a girl fourteen yearsago ; no children since.

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Treatment. — Every kind of medical treatment had been

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with me, but difi'ered with me as to nature of the injury. The joint was, there-

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by this review discusses very completely all phases of the subject

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drain is needed, it is a just requirement that the peri-

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time to yourself, taking time to “understand your vi-

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