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Take three such doses per day, one before each meal. Use it
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fourth volume of the "Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal."
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in certain forms of sterility. He was led to employ the drug in
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CoEPORAL JohrfB. Buckley, of Co. D, 62d Reg. Pa. Vols.; enlisted
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formation, and in this manner space is found to include all the subjects which
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rivals, with fewer drawbacks. It is more likely to produce speedy
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substances ; to these I have given the name " Bacteriological
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pelvic peritonitis the pain is of a sharp, cutting character. After
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Behrend has shown that in eczemas that do not weep good results
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ber of these so-called medical colleges. It is also a mat-
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ful. The diet should be full and nourishing, but not
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I saw G. on December 14th. He then walked about alone with a half-
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president, was selected as the Arkansas Family Physician
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rary, disappearing after recovery from the bronchitis. Although the inflam-
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emulsified and found to be non-hemolytic. With ethyl ether an
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anesthesia, as described by the reader. At the same time it is proper to
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Rumpf refers to three further cases — Cases V, IX, and
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role in pulmonary complications of typhoid fever, and that the
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recover. This conviction is supported by an examination of the returns
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The aggTegated glands are principally found in the upper cul-de-
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neck or chest should be removed or loosened. To prevent wounding of the
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of chlorids fell to a low figure, so that on an intake of 5 gm. of sodium
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ties grow more livid, and the muscular resolution increases in depth.
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the vestibule or the central office. On the second floor the arrangement
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commenced warm (80® F.) and gradually cooled down to 65® F.
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Ammonia-glass capsules containing Aromatic Ammonia, each sur-
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plications in previous labors at term. Commenced flow-
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paralysis of the right side of the face, and on walking* she always
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or remove the parasite. So is said to be Kamecla, the Bottlera

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