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complained of pain in both ears and bled from the left ear.

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received. He was truly sorry that his address was not more worthy

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of the cholera patients, and it is remarkable to observe that

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hours, according to the age of the patient. He relates the

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while weeks and even months pass away, and they never dur-

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on the round ligament. In regard to the use of pessaries he

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Antidote for over-dose : First procure the speedy evacua-

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pigs symptoms and pathological conditions simulating those observed

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was insane at the time of the commission of the crime, but on cross-

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the proposition above laid down, to wit: that the withdrawal

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EviNs, Major Thom.\s E., surgeon, U. S. Volunteers; Par. 30, S. O.

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digitalin, morphin, oxygen and purgative. Patient fell in

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Traumatic Brain Surgery — Dr. John Weslei/ Long 190

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taining lead, of snuffs and other articles wrapped in

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than confine the bowels, and at the same time to favour the se-

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tines. — How much and what portions of the intes-

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5. To guard and foster the material interests of its

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* Amon^r tbese families In two Instances all tbree children developed the disease. Tbese

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was dilated, and the stone was removed without crushing. It

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of death in a person who was in perfect health the evening before — the

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operator, is introduced as before. When the bulb is reached the

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The value of this combination seems to rest in its proving an

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brane, the nervous tissue of the labyrinth, and of the skin and

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a few days and not cause death, but unless the urinary elimination be reestab-

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cially applicable, and it may be established as an im-

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spirits two conditions seemed to be very prominent —

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anatomically by this method with certainty. The transuded albuminous masses

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the removal of the more urgent symptoms, and particularly when the

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master, who was ill, in milking and managing the cows, about the

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Symptoms. — In the pony under observation in 1873 diarrhoea

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he has died suddenly, from rupture of a large vessel, or from angina

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is one of the most delightful and instructive of books. Unfor-

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select meat with same number for luncheon and dinner.)

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