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that it should always be administered alone. The rule is unquestion-
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of 70° and another pair in the same room, at a little dis-
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strain to other structures, induces tonic protective spasm, and thus
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ing preparations, such as tar ointments, the Wilkinson salve, the
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De'niscbe Ztscbr. f. Xervenli.. Leipz.. 1897, xi. 14:1-161. —
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were cases of chronic alcoholism; 5G were epileptics, and 31
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disease may at times be congenital ; and cases have been recorded which
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She was unal»le to swallow, and this is a feature of
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ernment inspector and again in the port of Buenos Aires, Rosario, or
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good condition, abundantly able to work without in-
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heart and arteries, it is rejected by others as in-
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Then, should the case end in disaster, we are easy in mind,
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of vomiting, finds that in dogs and cats, section of
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Let us again compare the valley of the Housatonic or any other
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passed through a severe typhoid fever, making a complete recovery,
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normal in aphasic cases, with only a tendency to become
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dermically it never reaches the cerebral cells, but is
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the analysis will give something like the following results,
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Ton geheilter Peritonitis diffusa, entstanden (lurch Ab-
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a fair index as to the worthiness or unworthiness of
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so matted together by mucus as to be separated only
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reactive depressions, with all of which the social worker was concerned.
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with an occasional minute miliary tubercle and area of calcification.
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Up to the 15th of August forty-one such persons were
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disease, and made public the fruits of his experience.
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this is to avoid too sudden an escape of the fluid and
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not certain. Dilatation of heart may, however, be caused by extension of
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The author has studied the process of regeneration and
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President. The President has reason to be proud of his

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