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The study of fungi is called ' mycology,' and a disease due to a

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even a greater width as to females, not objectionable.

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port of a case following iiu operation for cataract. Med.

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atrophy of the retina ; it may occur either as a primary disease, or secondary

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The iron which thus traversed the skull weighs thirteen and

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the sound, psychrophore, and potassium bromide, and

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standing erect (as in Cases 7, 8, 9, 10 and 14 ; in 15 it was even higher).

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28th. There seemed to be an improvement in the general aspect of this

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where normal bioplasm would perish, and able to interrupt the social

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literature and the costs associated with purchasing and processing it.

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tained, is a prompt diuretic — it operates powerfully on the kidneys, will

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as the colonies on the plater. These bacilli ao not coagulate

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Laryngeal Perichondritis. This complication is rare, but

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fragment and the head of the radius, the end of the bone will feel as if enlarged,

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after Gram's reaction. The aspect of the pus cells, crammed with diplo-

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concentration of cultures of strains of bovine and human origin, and

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required facility for using the ear and stethoscope, which is

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Lost of appetite is often very diflScult of treatment. It may, however,

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each organ of the body acquires, by an intrinsic ten-

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and edematous. On the base of the brain inside the arachnoid

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for combating it, which did not exist formerly, and he

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Dr. H. A. BEAunoux, of North Dakota : I move that this confer-

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increases the tissue changes throughout the body. Iron in

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band, and the establishment of their points of dissimilarity on the other.

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four weeks from the first visit, I was called again,

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onion, a few cloves, a little stock, i ^egg, butter, flour, and lemon

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obtained. It has been shown that such assumption was fallacious; in

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Hypnotism as a Therapeutic Agent. By William Lee Howard,

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diagnosed and operated on as tuberculosis of the peritoneum are simply

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the pharmacy of the last ten years. Hypophospht^ea in solution in water pass

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The deceased had on a jacket with a high collar, and the

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accidental causes during delivery, the rupture takes place either near to the

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Time will not permit me to go into the details of treatment that

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his death, but was able to attend to his business. On the

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the contraction, and therefore the operator can exert

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produced. Other remedies made use of in the treatment of this dis-

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