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by their irritation of the alimentary mucous surfaces, to increase
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lactation is still going on, clotting may occur ; the blood states peculiar
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are either incited by a corresponding command of the hypnoti-
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and in the phenomena of cerebellar disease (as such) in man, to find an
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prizes and appointments. He also recommended every-
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according to a variety of circumstances, and especially on the kind of
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inventor of lithotrittj, a title to wliicli, in my opinion, ho is
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process of liquefaction. Bright, Frerichs, and others consider the morbid
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process is the extreme gentleness of the resistance, and, during the
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tympani is possibly somewhat characteristic ; it is circular in
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its walls, and the upper and thickened portion (forming
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found upon which organic disease of the brain could be based,
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any in any country, prove that, if the Association has been sinking year after
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be aimed at most is to induce a copious perspiration,
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are emitted." To this enumeration I would add that anomia
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cyanosis, leaking skin, and running, feeble pulse, there is
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some additional light on the pathology of the cerebral aneu-
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aepta containing in places oblong groups of cells similar to those of the tumor in the sub-
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and antimony ; sedatives, as opium, veratria, and aconite ; and diaphoretics, are
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3. At Terling, in Essex, between the beginning of December, 1867, and
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which were complicated by diphtheria), or even to 34 per cent, (epidemic
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by a patient suffering from tubercle of the genito-urinary
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meat is in a nauseous condition. On the other hand, the meat can be
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this fact the case was one of typhoid with acute nephritis. — Ibid.
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the season. This statement does not apply to the first
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Gazz. d. osp., Milano, 1892, xiii, 483-485.— Pastcna (A.)
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A.ssistant-Physician to the Hospital, and Lectiu-cr in its Medical School.
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surgery, the clear anatomical descriptions, the applica-
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worked industriously for seventy years of that period at least, carrying
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number of the out-of-town dealers. The daily consumption, and the
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elapsed to sufficiently exclude carcinoma, to pronounce
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ing, convulsions, conA-ergent squint. Temperature continued high, but with
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peculiar course and disposition of this tendon. It strengthens the capsule at the
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