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of cases, treated almost solely on this " expectant plan " of abso-

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out of ten controls, also killed the whole of the 30 inoculated rats.

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paper mill, they exploit the same loathsome and obscene

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round, smooth, and filiform body, about the thickness

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ance; but it follows also from those inflammatory processes that

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the most common cranial position, to this by no means unfre-

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in operation in small quarters, offered to lease the new

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Professor of Clinical Medicine in Jefferson Medical College, etc,

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and double harelip, with the intermaxillary bones quite isolated.

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When a puncture is performed, as is so often the case, upon a

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ment and from hour to hour within the laboratory of that won-

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affected animals slaughtered. Since then there has been no sign of

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brain substance, which is as chemically definable as cheese or

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was operated upon for gallstones and afterward for appendicitis.

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also some lymphatics which belong to it alone. These

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thidians and herpetomonads, while speciflcally distinct, are also morpho-

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tion of the blood in the concave spaces behind the valves of the veins,

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Sulphate of Ammonia is a salt derived from the manufacture

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secretion, possibly due to another secretin — sap-

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diseases. In the present edition extensive changes have been

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Chalmers Da Costa, M. D., Demonstrator of Surgery, Jefferson Medical

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same tendency to hemorrhage as the other mucous surfaces. Women

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cases in which, from time to time during the ulceration period, a painful

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sexual organs of a female, genitals, or breasts (or even her lower extremities in

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It may be resorted to when the antero-posterior diameter of the

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effect is to be looked for by the removal of an unsightly

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vation. Heads prepared in this manner have been purchased and carried

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tant subject; and the effective vaccination of the com-

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it. Few, I suspect, are so familiar with the habits of the lower

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line on the gums may be confused with the lead line. The nature of

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female tenninates in a pointed tail ; the male meas-

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vigorously) treated, these cases are of excellent prognosis. Left to run

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with four primary care physicians and a nurse practitioner. New

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Case V. — Pablo Insari, aged 30, plasterer, had had six months' doctoring

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tension of inflammation from the visceral layer; it is always the seat of more or

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