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pupils dilated; the teeth are clinched tight and covered

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and both patients died. In the last period there were

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be carefully noted ; in one well-marked instance intermittence of the pulse,

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and relations of thecerebro spinal (system of animal life), with the sympathetic, (system of

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minim doses of tincture of iodine. 4. A man of the 42d Regiment, attacked

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tluid may dischartre by way of the ureter and never reaccumulate. Inter-

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tion mucus may accumulate in tlie bronchial tubes, and be the cause of

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which occasioned it — a change of air, of diet, and of habitt».

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The taking of food and drink — apart from stimulants — accelerates the

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normally is about ten minutes. The catheter is then withdrawn and the urine that

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1 An edition of the completed set of these plates was published by Laneisi

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Commentary. — The last six cases of diabetes were observed, and all

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calculus formation, but this seems very unlikely. In leukemia the uric

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i.e. undifferentiated ; and if undifferentiated, it would have no

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ia not infrequently developed without pericarditis.

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were treated by tartar emetic in intravenous injections

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being found injected and filled with mucous contents. Hemorrhages

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of the spectrum. Many of the tinctures and solutions of nar-

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Benjamin H. Grierson, Tenth Cavalry, President of the

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brought down in this manner. When the amebse for any reason

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Chart No. 2 is taken from my record of the case of Mr P.

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local warmth and counter-irritation are effective in mild cases. In the

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in the recent work of Wood,* which contains abundant historical informa-

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in this manner, the religious sentiment will be to them, not only a source of

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would have been in many cases almost impossible to furnish ,

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potassium, or ammonium hydroxid) will become more or less distinctly red. This

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sixty grains a day for nine days, I stopped the quiniue.

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specific blood poisons in predisposed individuals. His aim in treatment

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debility, power, contraction, and motion, some particular

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methods and secret systems used which have come under

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from the writings of numerous authors on the su])jects herein con-

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ajrgravated hysteria and other functional nurvnus dis-

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closed, it will be judicious to search with the finger or a probe for a sinus which

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