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Breast. By P. Diday, Ex-surgeon to the Hospital de I'Antiquaille,
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serofibrinous pleurisy. He gives the histories of seventeen cases
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it also occurs there when an infant is improperly fed. It is
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organic congenital nervous trouble, into the details of
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which came on during convalescence from scarlet fever. For, as
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complete the same, as the hour for adjournment had arrived.
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lumbar abscesses are induced by a long-continued use of this
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' nothiiiGf.' The contrasted ' sometliiiiir ' would be bleed-
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Under such discouraging circumstances it has made a
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Two theories remain. The first explains cases of palsy from
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tempted to lend their aid to the manufacturers by results which
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united into irregular masses without any intervening dark-
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temperature has declined, and he must anticipate the
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although it is held that the kidney is "more sinned against than sinning"
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crystallized nitrate of silver dissolved in distilled water. The
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use it as freely as they would a common blister of cantharides,
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constancy of the final hydrogen ion concentration, this method
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metritis; for the softening is one of its essential and
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axilla, neck, etc. Comparative anatomy likewise receives
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under the very able and judicious superintendence of its resi-
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Cause of Death.— h is important for a medical witness to bear in mind
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matism, pneumonia, and other internal inflammations. Tetanus may
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and may have difficulty in swallowing solid food. Constipation
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unsatisfactory course of treatment at the hand of quacks who
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1 Mitih. a. d. Grenzgeb., 1905, Band xiv, p. 330; ibid,, 1907, xvii, 655.
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stained with haematoxylon and eosin, found the greater part
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bacilli of the same structure, and does not always pass through
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The immediate result of the burning is a brownish welt with
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It must be noted, however, that several obstetricians and bacteriolo-
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Jonathan Taft, D.D.S., at his home In Ann Arbor, October 1).
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and others. With Original Text by Prince A. Morrow, A. M., M. D., etc.
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miento Tipografico del Hospicio, 1884. [Price, 75 centimos.]
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ripheral smear findings will allow virtually all of the causes
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By its use one can bring well into view, without diffi-

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