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in local mills. The doctor also stated that he had suggested to all his

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is applied to test the diseases of organs within the chest, per-

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them, or in such position in relation to them as exposes the habitation to

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ease. The same attack -recurred occasionally for about 5 or 6 years,

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gestation " — the child when born being marked in the way anticipated by the

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know I but express the sentiment of this large company when I say not

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produced more striking and indisputable results than in

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of whom had seen the like before. The last nodule was

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to pay, avoided, millions of dollars would be saved to our merchants.

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sterno-mastoid, beginning at the level of the upper edge of the

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*■ Hugh Logan Calder, M.D., F.F.P. & S. Glasg., Leith,

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man presented a girl, eight years of age, rather undersized, hut in

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like in different cases, according to the organ attacked.

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first look it seemed like a papilloma. It does look a

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All material other than scientific should be received prior to the first of

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yond the seeming existence of a nucleus, the most care-

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mixture of ergot and liquor sedans, and an examination wa»

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no doubt, be found useful in many other diseases. In tertiary

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the secondary nerve bundles or fasciculi, which are so large that

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ceedcd iu forming a Conjoiut Board of Examination, he wished!

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sound animal. In other words, about half the animals

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The cases upon which the following observations are based

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to a very great extent, functioning in such a way as to carry

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limb and loss of sensation in the other limb. The existence of a 83-philitic

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" 2. That the advocacy and aid of the medical press

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until union by first intention has taken place ; this is

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llunterian Library at Glasgow?" I answered, "No, but everyone says

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given. Thus " a total suppression must unavoidably end in

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now generally accepted fact that the presence of mur-

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the Medical Department of the University of the City of New

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Staphylococcal septicemia treated with methicillin :

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-opening address of the summer session was delivered in the

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