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the Lens and with the Subse(iuent Retention of Prac-

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remarkable snow-storm of the final week of the last year. A

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strued to interfere with or derogate from any rights or privileges possessed by practitioners

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self in reiterating denunciations against the barbai

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metal, etc. Although the proportions used are not constant, the

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Asylum, though the most is made of it under existing cir-

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It is the decision of the dental surgeon and corresponds with the

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ence, or has filled positions of medical trust accounted by the board as the

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less irregularly oval. While the long axis is usually parallel to that of

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jert to an obvious cause of fallacy, s«) that, even if

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the condition corresponded with the description given by

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ward Roman numerals, instead of the Arabic numerals

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Stuttgart, 1887. 36. WIETING. Ziegler's Beitrdge zur path. Anat. 1896.

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bones are held and kept in the proper position until the plaster has

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withal that he will certainly help him, make him believe so at

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mon interests, may in the end become the most impor-

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possibility of their occurrence in mind when we are

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draw attention, in seme way, to the fact that in the ordinary course some of

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us the minute histories of eleven cases, with seven cures, and since the publica-

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scaly from the beginning. It is mostly seen in dry regions of skin,

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almost every requirement, and its introduction will very

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ter—that the presence of arterial oxygenated blood in the tissues

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tumors met with, the former being twice as frequent

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animals. 2. The minimum fatal dose of the drug in the

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too often stop with this after the diagnosis of hysteria, premature

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An Analysis of Thirty-one Cases of Pulmonary Tuberculosis Treated by the


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found papers on " Insects and Vegetable Parasites injurious to-

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stinal Parathyroid Glands. Radiol. 115: 31-36, April 1975.

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although not in rapid succession. At the commencement of 1859, the cases

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The Siblings. In 3 cases (Nos. 4, 5, 8) the patient was the only


Collere, together with the SUte Penitentiary Hospital, City Almshouse Hospital and other Public In-

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of an essentially thyroid origin of Graves' disease, and

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