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ganglia in the neck and at the elbows were perceptibly en-
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I passed a small catgut bougie, and tried to follow it into the
ternity, or in the deliberate act of killing ? If in the latter,
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any one man. It is still possible, and will probably always be
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ment occurs. Therefore the cardio-pneumatic undula-
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Insanity attacks persons of all ages and complexions ; but out of
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public to increase their allocations for hospital care.
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steps forward in "social medicine.' ' And when the time for this is
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to give him Morphine by the mouth, but he would not swallow it.
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temperature fell to 97° on the eighth day of the illness, and all
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nurse, or the patient, or the air. Consequently, when he had been obhged, in
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so. The external orifice is but seldom affected with stric-
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of hepatic cells in the pus or in scrapings from the base of the abscess
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pelvic brim or at any lower level, and to extract it with the greatest safety
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from New York, in the " Wiener Medizinische Presse"

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