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globules of blood, producing an oscillatory, elastic motion may

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changes in the intestine. In the early stages the symptoms are

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rationally indicated. Occurring generally in connection with rheumatism, if

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In order to obviate this, Mr. Curling had previously had a tracheal

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nial report for 1895-6. In that discussion, this statement

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Case VIII. — Strangulated Inguinal Hernia; Stricture in the

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are very common ; and the connexion between hepatitis and dysentery is evi-

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a physician who died of hydrophobia. The blood was drawn by leeches

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The results in these instances, purposely chosen for their sim-

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forms the fiagellum. At the posterior end of the undulating membrane

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Taking His Telephone to Bed. — A Pittsburgh physi-

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apex of the right lung; posteriorly, the left lung presents some of greater

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amoebae (merozoites), which grow into adult parasites.

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flat-foot.^ Any one, however, can move Von Meyer's line to the

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established upon the evidence afforded by both the placenta and

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sixty of two hundred and three cases ; Erb in eight of

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Binger, Carl A. The selective inhibitory action of methylene blue and

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in pelvi-peritonitis there is always a well-marked furrow between

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All material other than scientific should be received prior to the first of

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to the unwashed element or flotsam and jetsam of society is not well

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effect of cod-liver oil in prolonging life is demonstrated by the instances of

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muscles of the leg. Massage may be steadily used. Extension is sometimes

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not unfrequently of immense annoyance and unconquerable tenacity.

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1901. Blumer, George, 204 York St., New Haven, Conn.

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cases he uses strychnia hypodermically. In order to prevent as much

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may not only be as resonant as that of the other side, but it may

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obtained in carefully observed cases of diphtheria, it is

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The time for breaking off the habitual use is after sleep has taken place and

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dies as a local application in his own practice, with the most marked

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