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of it, very seldom die of tuberculosis. There is a rea-
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pleasure because it enabled me to introduce for discus-
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as formerly, but he always knew when one passed through
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mufcular flefli, languor, debility, the retention of the menfes,
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the English Government has been very laggard in ap-
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tH !lQOT*iOfHOJOkr5MiH<*(N«5<N<»0&COO
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thirty-eighth day a single colony of Staphylococcus pyogenes aureus
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nant, and asked her to call again in one month. Feb-
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described as enlarged in regions where intermitt-jnt
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may be ordered through any Bookseller, News Agent, or Wholesale Druggist.
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tients with diabetes mellitus received appropriate care,
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urged upon us the desirability of securing as a minimum standard
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cal teachers and the most intelligent part of the profession, that
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1. Determining a sufficient exposure of the “doc-
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or diffuse. (8) Syphilis may affect simultaneously or
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seemed to me distinctly related with a soothing influence
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which the faecal matters accumulate to an inordinate extent,
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on Sej^teraber 4th, 5th, and (ith, at which the following i)apers
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0.02), are what the writer most often uses. Digalen or digitalin may
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the face, or to certain muscles of the extremities of the side opposite to the
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642. Rice Custard Pudding— Ingredients— ^ lb. best rice, i}i
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death threatened its existence. Little things were made great ones,
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tigate with reference to the source of the mutilation of
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remains for a longer or shorter period quite latent. The general symptoms
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they afford a reasonable solution of the cause of certain diseases —
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spinal fluid are tabulated in each instance. Immediate Proof of Death. — D'Halluin
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during the meeting of the American Medical Association.
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malignant disorder such as leukemia or for nonmalignan-
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gery iu University College, London, Ophthalmic Surgeon to the Hospital,
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hours, and the pustules appeared as scales. One only
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General Treatment. — I regard the con.stitiitional remedies as
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his observation during the late summer and early fall of
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there seem to be none in their free state that confine themselves mainly
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patients return are, in comparison with the home treated cases, so
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4) Two isiedical certificates, which must be signed ^Wthin seven clear
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of the little toe, one at the end of the great toe, and

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